This Korean actress became the star after a cameo, and is now recognized for her acting abilities

After the success of “D.P”, actress Won Ji An earned immense recognition for both her beauty and talent. 

When it comes to the hottest K-dramas of 2021, “D.P”, which was adapted from Kim Bo Tong’s webtoon “D.P Dog’s Days”, is an irrefutable name. The series follows a team of Korean military police, whose mission is to catch deserters.  

To explain the hype of “D.P”, which aird back in August 2021, the series surpassed 10 million viewers within 6 days. According to media site YTN, the K-drama was extremely well-received by nations that enforce mandatory military services, and boasts brilliant acting, alongside a well-written plot and pacing. 

Alongside main cast members like Jung Hae In, Goo Kyo Hwan, Kim Sung Kyun, and Son Seok Koo, rookie actress Won Ji An also drew attention, despite playing a brief guest role. In particular, she appeared as Moon Yeong Ok, the girlfriend of Jung Hyun Min (Lee Jun Young). In episode 3. 

Just a couple of months after her debut, the actress landed a role in the star-studded movie “A Year End Medley”, where she acted alongside famous names like Han Ji Min, Lee Dong Wook, Kang Ha Neul, Im YoonA, Lee Kwang Soo. However, she still managed to shine in her own way, showing a huge amount of potential.

In 2022 alone, the actress participated in 3 projects, starting with the extended version of “A Year End Medley”, which comprises 6 episodes. With this appearance, “Thereviewgreek” complimented Won Ji An on making her character Im Ah Young more unique and impressive than her movie counterpart. 

Then, Won Ji An finally landed a female lead role in 2 consecutive seasons of “Hope or Dope”, which follows the 18-year-old Kyung Da Jung, who was forced to deliver drugs by her own mother, who used violence to threaten her. 

She was discovered by the police during one transaction, and had to hide in a village, eventually meeting the male lead Gong Yoon Tak and his friends there. At first, she was set out to start a new life, but she soon discovered a field of cannabis right outside of the village. Unable to resist the urge to earn money, Da Jung dragged Yoon Tak and his group of friends into her grimmer world. 

“Hope or Dope” mostly star new faces in the acting industry, such as Yoon Chan Young (Gong Yoon Tak), Yoon Hyun Soo (Gong Yoon Jae), Han Se Jin (Kim Gook Hee), Yang Seo Hyun (Hong Ae Ran)… However, the web-series managed to earn Won Ji An critical acclaim for her complexity while portraying the female lead Da Jung.

Finally, Won Ji Ahn will appear in the upcoming drama “If You Wish Upon Me”, which takes inspiration from the Dutch organization Ambulance Wish Foundation, which aims to fulfill the last wishes of terminally-ill patients. The series will feature a cast consisting of Ji Chang Wook (Yoon Gye Ree), Choi Soo Young (Seo Yeon Joo), Sung Dong Il (Kang Tae Shik), and Won Ji An.

Here, Ji An assumes the role of Ha Jun Kyung, who was abandoned by her parents. She then fell for the male lead Yoo Gyeo Re after receiving help from him. 

Despite only having 2 years of experience, Won Ji An has showcased strong acting abilities and future prospects. She is also often compared to star actress Suzy for their similar appearances. 

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