1MILLION Launches K-Dance Experience Program for Global Tourists Amid “SWF2” Appearance

While gaining great popularity on Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter 2’, dance crew 1MILLION has delivered a surprise announcement

1MILLION announced on September 18th that they have exclusively launched the K-dance experience program named ‘ViBE’ for foreign tourists on the global travel and leisure e-commerce platform.

According to the Korea Tourism Organization, the number of inbound tourists to Korea surpassed one million for the first time since 2019 in July this year, showing steady growth.


Thanks to the recent K-content wave, ‘K-POP tourism’ has become a new travel trend. According to 1MILLION, as a result of this trend, the proportion of foreigners among actual 1MILLION dance class students is as high as 70%.

The ViBE one-day dance program launched by 1MILLION includes a two-hour course that encompasses a tour of the 1MILLION Dance Studio headquarters in Seongsu-dong, known as the ‘Holy Land of K-POP Performance,’ K-POP choreography lessons, and the filming of challenge videos.

After the class, a vegan snack set is provided. Moreover, if participants choose the gift class option, they can also receive 1MILLION merchandise.

1MILLION said, “ViBE is a program where you can directly learn and experience K-dance at the forefront of K-POP performance at the 1MILLION Dance Studio, and feel the real vibe of Korea. K-POP fans from around the world will be able to easily experience the vibrant K-dance scene in the home country of K-POP.”


They also expressed their commitment to developing even more diverse K-dance content and promoting its appeal worldwide.

The ViBE one-day dance program will begin with a trial class on September 18th and will be held once a week on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays until next month. Starting from November, it will officially become a regular program and be continuously operated.

For those who book the trial class in September, 1MILLION will offer merchandise to the first 50 participants and provide a 10% discount from next month until December.

On the other hand, 1MILLION is spreading the positive energy of dance that enriches life with the belief that “Dance is a platform filled with possibilities.”

They have grown into the largest dance label in South Korea, focusing on dance training, media content, choreography, as well as leading the establishment of standards and systems in the domestic dance industry through dance community platform and dance copyright business, contributing to the development of the dance ecosystem.

Source: wikitree

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