The director of “Juvenile Justice” hinted at Season 2’s production and mentioned the actor he wanted to invite for a special appearance

The director of Netflix’s drama “Juvenile Justice” has recently signaled the possibility of a Season 2 production.

Juvenile Justice

In an interview reported by MOVIST on March 16th, director Hong Jong-chan raised the viewers’ hope for the production of “Juvenile Justice Season 2”.

He said, “I would be so happy if Season 2 could be produced. Juvenile cases have a high recurrence rate. If there were Season 2, I would draw the story that explains why juveniles have no choice but to repeat their crimes. I want to create a story about juveniles who are punished after going to juvenile detention centers but can’t be rehabilitated and have no choice but to commit crimes again”, adding, “If the juvenile courts, judges, and trials were the main focus of Season 1, I think it would be better to draw the picture from juvenile offenders’ point of views about their environment, their stories, and the social system in which the rate of juvenile crimes keep increasing”.

The director also picked an actor whom he would like to invite for a special appearance if “Juvenile Justice 2” is made. Director Hong smiled and said, “If Cho Seung-woo appeared as a cameo, I think I could draw a showdown between Shim Eun-seok and Hwang Si-mok. I will try to ask Cho Seung-woo to make a special appearance in Season 2 and create a scene in which prosecutor Hwang Si-mok of ‘Stranger’ and judge Shim Eun-seok of ‘Juvenile Justice’ meet in court”.

Secret Forest

The production of Season 2 has yet to be decided. However, if it were confirmed, director Hong Jong-chan would actually be able to invite Cho Seong-woo to make a special appearance. It is because director Hong and actor Cho Seung-woo already worked together in JTBC’s drama “Life”.

Prosecutor Hwang Si-mok (Cho Seung-woo) in tvN’s “Stranger” Seasons 1 and 2 is an exemplary prosecutor who passed the West District Prosecutor’s Office’s Criminal Division 3 and enters the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office’s Criminal Law Altar. Prosecutor Hwang Si-mok, who cannot distinguish between warmth and coolness or feel empathy, reveals his charisma when silently taking on the given tasks alone. 

Meanwhile, judge Shim Eun-seok of “Juvenile Justice”, which is played by Kim Hye-soo, has a similar personality to prosecutor Hwang Si-mok as she also performs given tasks by changing her attitudes between warmth and coolness. This is also the reason why many viewers naturally think of Hwang Si-mok when looking at the work process and characteristics of judge Shim Eun-seok.

After director Hong Jong-chan mentioned Cho Seung-woo, online community netizens reacted, “I hope he will appear in ‘Juvenile Justice’ Season 2”, “Hwang Si-mok and Shim Eun-seok are totally my styles. What a prosecutor-judge fantasy that never exits in reality”, “It would be so great if he could appear in Season 2”, “ How have you been, Si-mok?”, “I really hope that he would appear in ‘Juvenile Justice 2’. All parents should also watch this drama”

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