14-year-old Male Idol Faces Gay Dating Allegation After Rumor with 22-year-old Stylist

After being accused of dating a 22-year-old stylist, a 14-year-old male idol faces rumors with a male trainee

On December 17, various alleged private chatlogs and footage of Fantasy Boys’ Kim Gyu-rae, who was born in 2009 and currently 14 years old, were leaked by a sasaeng fan (obsessive and toxic fan). 

According to the sasaeng fan, they hired a hacker to infiltrate Kim Gyu-rae’s private Instagram, and discovered that Kim Gyu-rae is in a relationship with a 22-year-old stylist of the group, raising concerns among fans. 

As of December 18, Kim Gyu-rae’s agency refuted the claims of the aforementioned sasaeng fan, and announced their intention to sue on charges of privacy violation and defamation. 

Kim Gyu-rae

However, the sasaeng fan in question showed no remorse nor fear, even insisting that they did nothing wrong. As netizens condemned their actions, however, the sasaeng continued to leak more alleged “dating footage” of Kim Gyu-rae. 

In particular, the sasaeng wrote, “Staff members for ‘Fantasy Boys’ (the survival show that Kim Gyu-rae debuted from) all know about Kim Gyu-rae dating Ha Seok-hee (a 23-year-old male trainee on the same show. Everyday they held hands, kissed, ate, and slept together. However, Ha Seok-hee failed to debut, so Kim Gyu-rae ceased contact with him. Kim Gyu-rae, do you not like to date normal people, I’m so disappointed”. 

Previously, the sasaeng fan claimed that they vote constantly and help Kim Gyu-rae debuted in 2nd place on “Fantasy Boys”, but became mad after discovering the male idol’s relationship with his stylist. 

Kim Gyu-rae

“The group members and fans are all disappointed about you, so why don’t you leave the group and go d*e? You can’t update photos for fans but send selfies for your lover every day”, the sasaeng also said, adding, “A middle-school student who constantly goes to the house of his 22-year-old lover… Have you even developed enough?”

At the moment, the accusations have not been proven as false or true. However, they will certainly affect the mental health and reputation of Kim Gyu-rae, especially as the sasaeng fan declared that they will continue until the male idol leaves Fantasy Boys.

Meanwhile, a lot of fans are showing concern over the accusations themselves, since if they are true, Kim Gyu-rae would be involved with 2 adults despite being of minor age.

Source: K Crush, X

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