10 rookie idols’ careers are ruined by Hyuna’s dating scandal

Hyuna is said to have killed PENTAGON’s career by admitting her relationship with its member E’Dawn.

For the first time in KPOP history, a management company had to handle three dating scandals of their artists in only one day. August 3rd should be written in the history of CUBE Entertainment, as two of their rookie idols, PENTAGON’s Hui and (G)I-DLE’s Soojin were caught dating, which was followed by the dating rumor of their fellow colleagues PENTAGON’s Yuto and CLC’s Yeeun.

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CUBE artists continuously got into dating scandals.

However, the most shocking news is the confirmation of the love affair between Hyuna and E’Dawn (PENTAGON), both of whom are active in the project group Triple H. Despite the fact that their agency denied the rumor on the 2ndHyuna herself told everybody the news on SNS on the 3rd, as she wanted to be honest with her fans.

Right in the afternoon of the day, the gif of the couple’s sweet moment on “Music Bank”’s stage became the talk of the town. In front of hundreds of fans, Hyuna fell and was gently caught by her boyfriend. 

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Hyuna and E’Dawn’s lovey-dovey moment on “Music Bank”
Despite the company’s denial, Hyuna directly confirmed that she has been dating E’Dawn for two years.

Regarding her action, many nonfans have expressed their admiration, saying she is living her “swag” life and doing whatever she wants regardless of the public’s opinion. Anyone who showed opposed to their relationship is thought to be selfish fans, who only want to keep their idols for themselves.

However, now when the news has cooled down, many people start to think about its consequences. 500 tickets to the introduction ceremony of PENTAGON’s official fanclub, Universe, were returned. Triple H’s scheduled fansign event and music shows’ performances are also reported to have been cancelled due to fans’ negative reactions. This morning, Triple H’s promotion for their latest comeback was announced to end earlier than expected and many people wonder if this is the end of the project group Triple H.

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PENTAGON suffer the most because of the dating news.

At the moment, many people have started to think that Hyuna’s act of confirming her relationship despite the company’s denial is not cool at all, but rather selfish. Being an idol with ten years of experience and a strong fandom, a dating scandal is considered to be nothing big to Hyuna. However, it has negatively affected the company as its stock price is now 5% down, and might ruin the career of the rookie group PENTAGON.

PENTAGON, who debuted only two years ago, are still trying to find their seats in the KPOP industry. Except for Hui and E’Dawn, who are also active as Triple H members, the other eight members are considered unfamiliar to the general public. Their careers have just bloomed but now might end because of these dating scandals.

PENTAGON’s fandom is still young, so the dating news of the members can be unacceptable to fans. It’s predictable for many fans to leave the fandom. Many people can criticize these fans for being selfish, but apparently, they have the right to do so, as they have spent a lot of time and money supporting their idols, hoping for them to succeed only to witness them dating other girls. To a rookie group like PENTAGON, losing this huge number of fans might take away their chance to reach stardom.

It’s hard for PENTAGON members to recover after the scandals.

 Both Hyuna and E’Dawn are being bashed by netizens. What is your opinion of Hyuna’s decision to admit her relationship with her junior?

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