YTN Reporters Picked NewJeans’ Danielle As Best And Lee Young-ae As Worst Dressers Of The Week

YTN’s "Y Ranking" corner has returned to let us take a look at the fashion styles of stars over the past week

◆ Best – Danielle


Reporter Kwak Hyun-soo: It is an outfit that maximizes Danielle’s cute and lively image. The white crop top and red and beige track pants give off a comfortable yet sporty charm. It is commendable for showing healthy charm without unnecessary exposure.

Reporter Oh Ji-won: Cute as if it were from an animation. Bright red training set-up suits her well, and her hairstyle that split into two maximizes her vitality. Her phone’s decoration also looks as if it has been calculated.

◆ Good – Suzy


Reporter Choi Bo-ran: A dress with a calm blue flower pattern maximized Suzy’s pure charm. One-piece dresses matched with cardigans are a common formula, but hers has a sense of sportiness with matching black sneakers.

Reporter Kim Sung-hyun: Suzy’s beautiful answer to those who are thinking what to wear in a date ahead of midsummer. The white and blue-toned outfit gives a cool yet sophisticated feel. This effortless but calculated outfit looks even more attractive.

◆ So-so – Lee Je-hoon

lee je hoon

Reporter Oh Ji-won: The tone-on-tone shirt-on-shirt looks stylish. However, the fit and length of the pants seem to be ambiguous, and the necklace seems distracting compared to the dandy outfit.

Reporter Choi Bo-ran: Sensual yet normal. The styling with two shirts on top attracts attention, but it does not have an impact. The top and bottom are made of the same material, so at first glance, they look like jumpsuit work clothes.

◆ Bad – Rei


Reporter Kwak Hyun-soo: I can fully understand that the brightness and cuteness of this outfit are aimed at with the yellow and green cardigan and the checkered skirt in similar colors. However, I don’t know if there was a need to match the color of the sunglasses with the color of the outfit, or why the pink scarf, which is far from the color of the outfit, is used.

◆ Worst – Lee Young-ae

lee young ae

Kwak Hyun-soo: A white and orange flower-patterned shirt is too much. In addition to this, white cropped pants and white sneakers complete a great vacation look. The problem is that the person wearing this combination is Lee Young-ae, who is the epitome of elegance. I think it will be hard to find this combination even at Everland Caribbean Bay (a water park) these days.

Reporter Oh Ji-won: Is it because I have gotten too used to Lee Young-ae as the goddess of dress? Her very casual outfit and makeup look awkward, and her aggressive shirt pattern is also burdensome. Looking at all the jewelry, it is certain that she put efforts in it, but looking at the ambiguous combination of pants and sneakers, she seems to have sought comfort. A confusing fashion style for sure.

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