JYP teases name for their new girl group in latest teaser video

After teasing the members for a long time, JYP unveiled the name of their new group debut project.

After a long time, JYP finally released a video that is likely to be the introduction to the name of their new girl group. Instead of using “JYPn“, the talented girls seem to have a proper title.

The content of the video is ambiguous, which is why the meaning behind “SQU4D” remains a big question mark. However, some say that it is not the official name of the new girl group. First of all, their SNS accounts still keep the name JYPn. In addition, JYP posted this video on its YouTube channels instead of JYPn’s like previous ones. The agency continued using “JYPn” rather than “SQU4D” to talk about the new girl group below the description.

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Instead, SQU4D with number 4 in its name is likely to refer to Division 4 – JYP’s newest division. The evidence is that the name SQU4D was revealed earlier in a recruitment poster that said “SQU4D wants you“.

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To get the answer right, we have to wait for JYP’s next release. The company really knows how to arouse curiosity and draw attention from the public. Thanks to this, although the name and debut date are still unknown, JYP’s new girl group lineup has attracted a lot of attention. 5 previously announced members are Jinni, Sullyoon, Bae, Jiwoo and Kyujin, who were born between 2004 and 2006. However, there is a high possibility that new faces will be added along with the interesting things that are still being hidden.

bae squ d
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