Yoona showed off her golden hips in leggings, proving her “Yoong-phrodite” title

Actor/singer Yoona of Girls’ Generation showed off her beautiful figure on SNS.

On December 13th, Yoona posted a photo on her Instagram with a caption saying, “I have to work out, but when will I start?” 

Yoona showed off her golden hips

In the picture, Yoona was holding a water bottle while dressed in a tight top and leggings. Considering that the shoe rack is full behind her back, it seems that she was visiting the gym and this was her taking a proof shot. 

In particular, Yoona reveals her glamorous hip line compared to her small body, drawing envy from many. Yoona, nicknamed “Yoong-phrodite” by her fans, radiates beauty even in her plain and undecorated fashion. 


Meanwhile, Yoona is scheduled to appear in tvN’s new drama “Big Mouth,” which is set to air next year. 

Big Mouth” is a story about a lawyer barely surviving with a 10% winning rate digging into the bare, ugly truths of privileged people stained with huge conspiracy to protect his family after accidentally being caught up in a murder case.


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