Actor Lee Hyun-woo to join the lineup of “Dog Days”, filing up Kim Seon-ho’s vacancy after the ‘private life’ scandal

Actor Lee Hyun-woo will take on the role that was supposed to be played by Kim Seon-ho.

kim seon-ho

According to OSEN’s report on December 14th, Lee Hyun-woo recently decided to appear in the movie “Dog Days” (directed by Kim Deok-min) after receiving the script.

lee hyun woo

Earlier in October, actor Kim Seon-ho dropped out of the movie lineup due to the ‘private life’ controversy related to his ex-girlfriend. Therefore, Lee Hyun-woo was named in the main lineup instead.

Dog Days”, co-produced by film company JK Film and Zyon Entertainment, is a movie that tells about people connected through dogs getting to know each other, comforting each other, and sharing their hearts at an animal hospital.

Yeojeong Yoon, Yunjin Kim, Daniel Henney

Actors who are famous overseas, including Youn Yuh-jung, Kim Yoon-jin, Daniel Henney, as well as actors with solid acting skills, such as Yoo Hae-jin, Jung Seong-hwa, Kim Seo-hyung, Tang Jun-sang, etc. were cast. In addition, Lee Hyun-woo also decided to appear in this movie and complete the high-quality lineup.

“Dog Days” is the first commercial feature film directed by Kim Deok-min, who has gained experience as a supporting director for various films, such as, “Keys to the Heart”, “Battle of Inchon”, and “Spy Girl”.

Earlier, after getting discharged from the military in 2019, Lee Hyun-woo has been busy since he was cast for the film “Hero”, and upcoming dramas, such as “Dream” and Netflix’s original “Money Heist”.

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