Yoo Chun’s ex-fiancée is released from prison, will appear on KBS’s “Straight On Current Affairs”

Hwang Ha Na, the granddaughter of Namyang Dairy’s founder and ex-girlfriend of singer and actor Park Yoo Chun, will appear on KBS’ “Straight On Current Affairs”.

According to KBS on Nov 18th, Hwang Ha Na will appear on KBS 1TV’s “Straight On Current Affairs,” which airs at 10 p.m. the same day.

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The broadcast on this day will be under the theme of “2022 Korea Drug Report – No Longer A Drug Clean Country”. It will deal with the problem of drug addiction that has penetrated into the daily life of Korean society and the treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts.

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“Straight On Current Affairs” met Hwang Ha Na, who was sentenced to one year and eight months in prison for using methamphetamine during the probation period and was recently released from prison.

The production team reported her recent situation, saying, “Hwang Ha Na is doing rehab with the help of her father Hwang Jae Pil. In addition to her time in prison, Hwang Ha Na and her father have been successful in keeping her away from taking drug for more than two years, but they have not let go of the tension yet.”

hwang hana

In addition, the production team said, “Hwang Ha Na expressed her desire to succeed in drug rehab and help other addicted patients.”

Source: Nate

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