Yoo Ah In’s “rambling” acceptance speech is being re-examined amid drug controversy

While actor Yoo Ah In is suspected of taking a third drug following propofol and marijuana, his acceptance speech at an awards ceremony in the past is drawing attention.

On Feb 26th, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Drug Crime Investigation Unit said they took over the record “Yoo Ah In administered a total of 4,400ml of propofol 73 times from Jan 4th, 2021 to Dec 23rd, 2021” from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

In other words, Yoo Ah In‘s frequency of drug administration reaches 6 times a month.

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In the hair test conducted by the National Forensic Service, marijuana, propofol and another third drug type were detected. Yoo Ah In tested positive in both the urine test and the hair test, and a hair thorough examination also showed a positive reaction.

Yoo Ah In’s past activities are also being re-examined due to the onion-like issues that continue to emerge.

Yoo Ah In has shown his unique relaxed gestures and way of speaking that are difficult to imitate through interviews and entertainment show appearances. Some people respond that this may be related to drugs.

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In December 2015, Yoo Ah In won “Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama” at the SBS Drama Awards thanks to the drama “Six Flying Dragons”. At that time, Yoo Ah In expressed his feelings by mixing exaggerated expressions and trembling voice.

After calling names of the actors who worked with him in “Six Flying Dragons”, Yoo Ah In said, “I feel so happy being together with these passionate young friends. Before coming here, I thought, ‘I’ll give these friends my sincere congrats (for winning awards) on the spot, so I have to attend the ceremony.’ Congratulations, my friends.”

He added, “Our job is to give the purest acting. There are many times I stopped walking to ask myself, ‘What is a good actor? What is the standard of high-quality acting?'”

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As the controversy over Yoo Ah In’s drug use continues, even his past acceptance speech is attracting attention.

Currently, Yoo Ah In’s agency is maintaining the position “We will participate in investigations faithfully as soon as the schedule is set.” As the National Forensic Service’s drug evaluation is completed, the police will soon summon Yoo Ah In as a suspect in violation of the Narcotics Control Act to investigate the details of drug use.

Source: insight

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