News A “Yoo Ah In used propofol 73 times in one year…6 times a month”

Actor Yoo Ah In, who is under police investigation for habitual use of propofol, is known to have used propofol 73 times in one year.

On Feb 25th, Channel A’s “News A” reported that Yoo Ah In took propofol more than 70 times in one year.

According to the report, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety announced that Yoo Ah In administered a total of 4,400ml of propofol 73 times from Jan 4th, 2021 to Dec 23rd, 2021. It amounts to 6 times a month. It is reported that such information is also stated in the search and seizure warrant.

Yoo Ah In

In the hair test conducted by the National Forensic Service, marijuana, propofol and another third drug type were detected. Yoo Ah In tested positive in both the urine test and the hair test, and a hair thorough examination also showed a positive reaction.

The police, who secured Yoo Ah In’s mobile phone, plan to investigate the suspect soon.

yoo ah in

Meanwhile, Yoo Ah In’s agency UAA responded to the report that a third drug component was detected, “We asked the police several times about the information reported through the media, but until the morning of Feb 24th, we only received the answer ‘We can’t tell you’. Please understand that we cannot express our position arbitrarily based on media reports alone in the absence of official information from the police.”

They added, “We have not received any information regarding the future investigation schedule, but we will participate in investigations faithfully as soon as the schedule is set. Once again, we are sorry to have troubled you.”

Source: Nate

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