YGX Kwon Young-deuk was touched by the supportive message from G-Dragon

Big Bang G-Dragon cheered for YGX Kwon Young-deuk, who is competing in Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter”.

Kwon Young-deuk released the supportive message he received from G-Dragon on Instagram Story on September 23rd together with the caption, “He’s truly the greatest supporter, role model, and emotional anchor of my life. The busy hyung who always takes good care of younger brothers. I feel so reassured.”

According to the conversation in the picture, G-Dragon said to Young-deuk, “I just woke up and saw you while watching ‘Street Man Fighter’. You’re doing great. I’m watching you”, adding “Young-deukie has grown up so much, and you’re even a leader now. Don’t feel pressured all by yourself. Trust your members and take good care of each other. Don’t worry about the result. Don’t ever feel small wherever you go and just do what you’ve always been doing. Got it?”.

He continued, “You’re all dancers, so you have to be polite to other team members. Watch them, learn from them, and play hard. I’m also preparing myself”, adding “But, if my brother… win No.1… Go for it, my brother!”

YGX is YG Entertainment’s choreography team led by Kwon Young-deuk. Working as backup dancers for BIG BANG, they became close with G-Dragon. The crew is currently competing in Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter”.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon’s group BIG BANG released their new song “Still Life” in April.

Source: nate

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