YG Baby Monster introduced ‘Japanese 16-year-old member’ Asa

YG’s new girl group, BABYMONSTER, released their fourth live video, raising expectations.

YG Entertainment posted ‘BABYMONSTER (#4) – ASA (Live Performance)’ on its official channel on January 26th. Asa, who appeared after Haram, Ahyeon, and Chiquita, presented her personal stage to the song ‘Joyner Lucas-Look Alive (Remix)’.


Asa from Japan spewed out an intense hip-hop identity that made it hard to believe that she was 16 years old. She is regarded as a main rapper by netizens because of her confident style and “cool” expression. She is thought to have strong rapping skills like Jennie.


Besides, the predebut information said that Asa had studied musicals. Therefore, her singing skills have not been shown yet, but it has also intrigued the audience. If Asa has good rapping, singing and dancing skills, there is a chance that Baby Monster will have two ‘all-rounders’. Previously, Ahyeon was considered as “the 2nd Jennie”.


In the group’s first video, Asa is the member whose face is revealed. She immediately attracted attention thanks to her natural and attractive beauty. The girl with her hair tied up with an attractive face has received a certain amount of attention from netizens. Asa quickly became ‘pick’ of many Kpop fans.

Her series of predebut photos were also spread on SNS and immediately received many compliments from the public.

Baby Monster is a multinational rookie girl group released by YG about 7 years after BLACKPINK. All of the members that have been revealed so far are showing solid skills as ‘all-rounders’.

In fact, music fans’ expectations for Baby Monster are on the rise. It’s been less than a month since the official YouTube channel was opened, but it has more than 630,000 subscribers and accumulated content views of about 76 million. 

Debuting in early 2023 under YG and captivating music fans with their colorful charms, Baby Monster is emerging as a topic of great interest. As a rookie that YG has prepared for a long time, the group is expected to change the game of the global music market.

Source: Nate

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