“2021 AAA”: Lim Young-woong and Kim Seon-ho won the vote of 2 awards, EXO and TWICE received the most votes

‘2021 Asia Artist Awards (2021 AAA)’ is the first integrated awards ceremony in Korea for both actors and singers.

aaa 2021

A vote was held until Nov. 15th through the Japanese RET site and the Korea U+Idol Live application to select the No.1 place in a total of 6 categories, including Male Idol Group, Female Idol Group, Male Solo Singer, Female Solo Singer, Male Actor, and Female Actor.

As a result of a fierce battle until the end, EXO won the Male Idol Group category of the “RET Popularity Award” with 4,258,750 votes (36.5%) while in the Female Idol Group category, TWICE got 1,555,005 votes (35.8%). In the Male Solo Singer category, Lim Young-woong received 1,621,487 votes (49.7%), while CL got 116,949 votes (38.9%) in the Female Solo Singer category. The Male and Female Actors categories separately were dominated by Kim Seon-ho with 1,787,702 votes (44.3%) and Song Ji-hyo with 374,39 votes (33.3%).

As for the “U+Idol Live Popularity Award”, BTS received a cumulative number of 1,153,163 votes (26.9%) and topped the Male Idol Group category, while BLACKPINK won the Female Idol Groups list with 458,390 votes (40.3%). Lim Young-woong continued to win the Male Solo Artist category with 603,945 votes (40.2%), and IU took over the top spot of the Female Solo Artist chart with 476,313 votes (53%). In the category for actors, Kim Seon-ho topped the list of Male Actors once again with 542,972 votes (40.5%) while Jung Ho-yeon gained the No.1 place in the Female Actor category with 287,348 votes (30.3%).

In particular, Lim Young-woong already earned 2 awards by winning the vote on “RET Popularity Award” and “U+Idol Live Popularity Award”. At the ‘2020 AAA’, he won 3 awards, including “Trot of The Year”, “Popularity Award” and “AAA Hot Issue Award”. Therefore, attention is being drawn to whether he will win multiple awards again at 2021 AAA. In addition, it is said that Lim Young-woong will warm up the small screen in this early winter season with his sweet voice, raising high expectations for his stage.

lim young woong

Moreover, this year Asian Artist Awards has unveiled its perfect line-up with about 28 actors, such as Lee Jung-jae, Lee Seung-gi, Yoo Ah-in, Han So-hee, Moon Ga-young, Na In-woo, Cha Eun-woo, Hwang Min-hyun, Kim Joo-ryeong, Heo Sung-tae, Park Joo-mi, Joo Seok-tae, Cha Ji-eon, Ryu Kyung-soo, Lee Jun-young, Lee Do-hyun, Doyoung, Park Geon-il, Seonghoon, Kwon Yuri and Jeon Yeobin, etc. and 28 singers, including aespa, The Boyz, Stray Kids, Lim Young-woong, Seventeen, Bam Bam, Wonho, Kang Daniel, Kwon Eunbi, Jo Seung-yeon, AleXa, NU’EST, ASTRO, Pentagon, Golden Child, Enhypen, Brave Girls, WJSN Chocome, MOMOLAND, Weeekly, StayC, ITZY, Everglow, DKB, T1419, Kingdom, BLITZERS and Brave Brothers.

On top of that, several foreign artists, including Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree, Metawin Opas-iamkajorn, J Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe, and KITAMURA TAKUMI will also join the awards ceremony. It is predicted that ‘2021 AAA’ would be a special awards ceremony that cannot be seen anywhere else.

aaa 2021

The ‘2021 Asia Artist Awards’ will be held on December 2nd.

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