Jung Hae-in has been cast to play a lead role in movie “Veteran 2” and act alongside Hwang Jung-min

Actor Jung Hae-in makes a great move on the big screen.

While the plan for “Veteran 2” (directed by Ryu Seung-wan) is being slowly outlined and drawing keen attention from the film industry, actor Jung Hae-in has recently been cast to play a new character. Jung Hae-in reportedly received the love call from the production team of “Veteran 2” and is reviewing it with a positive attitude.

According to officials in the film industry, the final scenario for “Veteran 2” has not been decided yet. During the process of revising the script, casting has been carried out at the same time and Jung Hae-in is known to have completed an oral discussion for his joining the project. If there is no special circumstances, he will play the leading role of “Veteran 2”.

In particular, Jung Hae-in appeared in the 2019 movie “Start-Up” (directed by Choi Jung-yeol) and formed a good relationship with Filmmaker R&K, the production company of “Start-Up” and Veteran 2”. Jung Hae-in successfully showed a new young and fresh face through “Start-Up”, and his relationship with the production company seems to have continued with the casting call for “Veteran 2”.

Jung Hae-in, who made his debut in 2014 through a TV series, became a famous actor after starring in hit dramas, such as “Prison Playbook”, “Something in the Rain” and “One Spring Night”. He performed enthusiastically in Netflix’s original series “D.P.”, which was released last year, and made it another representative work in his career. 

While building his filmography on the big screen step by step, the love call from “Veteran 2” came to Jung Hae-in. He plans to start filming “Veteran 2” after finishing the filming for “D.P. Season 2”.

Since the scenario has not been completed, it’s not yet known what kind of character Jung Hae-in will play in “Veteran 2”. However, he is expected to show his presence with a character that is as impressive as Yoo Ah-in’s in the previous season. In addition, the fact that “Veteran 2” is said to not follow the composition of “Veteran” is raising movie fans’ curiosity.

Jung Hae-in is expected to lead the new season of the ‘10-million’ movie “Veteran” with original cast actors, such as Hwang Jung-min and Oh Dal-soo. Most of the members of the investigation team in “Veteran” led by Hwang Jung-min will be able to meet the audience again in the second season, raising high expectations.

Released in the summer of 2015, “Veteran” is a crime entertainment action film that tells about the activities of a veteran investigation team chasing the third-generation heir to a powerful conglomerate. Hwang Jung-min appeared as Seo Do-chul, a detective of the investigation team, while Yoo Ah-in took on the role of the third-generation chaebol. The two’s impressive acting and pleasant scenes helped the movie become a blockbuster by recording a cumulative admission of 13.41 million.

Since the success of “Veteran”, demands for the production of another season had been poured out and after 7 years of long preparation, the production team finally satisfied the viewers’ requests. Director Ryu Seung-wan of “The Battleship Island”, “Mogadishu”, and “Smuggle” will continue to take the megaphone for “Veteran 2”.

Above all, director Ryu Seung-wan succeeded in making an amazing comeback by sweeping various awards, such as the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards, with “Mogadishu” last year, making anticipations for “Veteran 2” to be higher. “Veteran 2” aims to crank in in the second half of this year after finishing the pre-production stage. 

Source: daum

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