Yeo Jin-gu and Moon Ga-young start sharing their feelings…tvN ‘Link’ kicked off with a 3.1% rating

tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Link: Eat, Love, and Kill” (scripted by Kwon Ki-young, Kwon Do-hwan/directed by Hong Jong-chan) recorded an average of 3.3% and a maximum of 4.0% in the Seoul metropolitan area, ranking first in the same timeslot including cable, IPTV, and satellite in Korea.


In the broadcast on this day, Eun Gye-hoon (played by Yeo Jin-gu), who returned to Jihwa-dong after losing his twin sister, and Noh Da-hyun (played by Moon Ga-young), who killed a stalker, started off with a strong prelude. The first episode, which began with various types of refrigerators, raised questions among viewers by illuminating an unusual refrigerator with human hands sticking out. 


Amid confusion as to whether his missing sister was alive, Eun Gye-hoon felt another sudden intrusion at the venue. He headed to a quiet place to cool off his frustration, where he encountered Noh Da-hyun without knowing that they were linked to each other. Later, Eun Gye-hoon visited Jihwa-dong, a neighborhood where he lost his younger brother, and his painful memories were revealed. 


Meanwhile, items were delivered to Noh Da-hyun without a sender. Just in time, she misunderstood Eun Gye-hoon’s good intentions, and when she met him again in Jihwa-dong, she threatened, calling him a pervert stalker. Then, not long after, she found out that the real stalker was her co-worker Lee Jin-geun (played by Shin Jae-hwi Later, Lee Jin-geun, was shown dead, and Noh Da-hyun was in a panic. To make matters worse, the first episode ended with Noh Da-hyun’s shaky gaze, which indicated that she faced another crisis.

“Link” shot viewers’ hearts with unpredictable rapid development and sensuous production through the exciting first meeting between the lead couple that led to a link called “emotional sharing.” The second episode will air at 10:30 p.m. on Jun 7th.

Source: Dispatch

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