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Yeo Jin Goo is embarrassed about his “love triangle” with Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun 10 years ago

Yeo Jin Goo showed an embarrassing smile when watching a stage at a drama awards 10 years ago.

In the 225th episode of MBC entertainment program ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere’, which aired on November 19th, Yeo Jin Goo, Cho Yi Hyun, Kim Hye Yoon, and Na In Woo appeared as guests. 

On this day, Yeo Jin Goo showed great chemistry with the manager whom he has shared the joys and sorrows with for 16 years.


Yeo Jin Goo said, “I like ballads from the 70s-80s more than the 90s, and I listen to senior Lee Moon Se’s songs a lot in the fall.” He then performed the song “When  Autumn Comes” by Lee Moon Se with a sweet voice.

The cast members were amazed by this. At the suggestion of the cast members, Yeo Jin Goo even sang a Jannabi’s song, drawing attention.


Yeo Jin Goo, who was appearing for the first time in an observational variety show, said, “It’s new, awkward, yet fun to have a camera installed in our car.”

He recalled his child actor days as he moved to the press conference site of the movie “Ditto” with the manager he has been working with to this day.


In the studio, Hong Hyun Hee told Yeo Jin Goo, “You have many legendary dramas, but the truth is, there is something else that was the most talked about. It has 18.93 million views,” referring to the 2012 MBC Drama Awards.


Accordingly, a scene from the 2012 MBC Drama Awards was released, where Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Yoo Jung did a famous scene of “The Moon Embracing the Sun” on stage.  At this time, Kim So Hyun, who played Yeo Jin Goo’s love interest in “Missing You”, appeared and set the stage for a love triangle.

Yeo Jin Goo smiled embarrassedly while watching the video 10 years ago. Song Eun Yi said, “It was an all-time legendary love triangle. It goes beyond the times as if ‘Ditto’ was inspired by this.”

Source: Nate.

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