BTS V’s physical check left fans speechless with enviable weight and proportionate figure 

V (BTS) surprised fans with his newly achieved weight.

Recently, BTS V posted an update on Weverse with the caption, “I didn’t know dieting was this hard,” showing signs of tiredness after a period of going on a diet. The singer also added, “I really respect those who are on a diet.”

bts v

Later on the 19th, V captured attention by revealing his weight through an Instagram story. With this recent update, fans concluded V’s biometrics to be 179 cm in height and 63.4 kg in weight. 

As if to show his satisfaction with his new weight, V put a thumbs-up sticker on the number of his weight. Later, V surprised fans with a topless photo to boast of his physique. His wide shoulders and thin waist immediately caught attention. 

bts v

Fans were taken aback by the new posts, responding, “He weighs less than me and is 20cm taller,” “I can’t believe he weighs that,” and “How could I do it If V is also on a diet?”


Recently, Taehyung left Incheon International Airport on the afternoon of the 15th to do his overseas schedule.

Source: Dispatch

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