Year-end ceremonies: Best dresser Yoona vs Worst dresser Jeon So-min

Korean media outlet YTN picked out the best and worst dressers at 2021 year-end ceremonies.

The new year of the tiger has come, but the lingering feeling of the spectacular year-end awards ceremonies still seems to remain. Last year’s major year-end awards ceremonies were held offline following social distancing rules amidst the COVID-19 situation, allowing stars to boast beautiful dress looks. 

Among them, the best dresser was Yoona from Girls’ Generation. She greeted viewers as MCs of various awards ceremonies, and among them, her appearance in the puff sleeve dress with pure yet elegant charm all-killed all awards ceremonies. The worst dresser was actress Jeon So-min, who couldn’t show all of her charm with a dress that didn’t fit her body shape. 

◆ Best – Yoona

◆ Best - Yoona

Yoona was the MC of the 2021 MBC Music Festival (MBC Gayo Daejejeon) held on December 31. On the same day, she started the awards ceremony by performing a duet dance stage of the song “Senorita” with 2PM’s Junho and later, her changed outfit caught the eye of everyone at once. She wore a lovely white dress with puff sleeves and ribbon decorations, creating a pure look reminiscent of a pure white angel. 

◆ Good – Jung Chae-yeon

◆ Good - Jung Chae-yeon

Jung Chae-yeon of “The King’s Affection” attended the 2021 KBS Drama Awards held on the same day. She wore a dress with a chiffon exterior that created the see-through effect, showing an elegant yet dreamy look. The original dress with sleeves was transformed into a tube-top design to make her style cleaner. Jewelry is also minimized to maximize the charm of the dress and make use of its sophisticated design.

◆ So-so – Go Min-si

◆ So-so - Go Min-si

Go Min-si appeared in a white look at the “2021 KBS Drama Awards“. She matched a tweed top with a long side-slit skirt. It was good to show off her innocence with an all-white look, but the skirt reminded some people of a white towel from a distance. It was somewhat casual to be used on the red carpet of an awards ceremony.

◆ Bad – Honey Lee

◆ Bad - Honey Lee

Honey Lee attended the “2021 SBS Drama Awards” held on Dec 31st, 2021 as a candidate for the grand prize. Her performance in “One The Woman” last year was brilliant, but her outfit on that day was disappointing. Honey Lee wore an intense red dress, but her waist line could not be seen due to the large volume design on her sleeves. She even matched a bold silver-toned necklace that did not go well with her dress, which reduced her sophistication.

◆ Worst – Jeon So-min

◆ Worst - Jeon So-min

Jeon So-min attended the “2021 KBS Drama Awards” in a dress with a unique design that seemed to match a long skirt with a loose fit shirt. In general, it drew attention as it was not a dress design that has been commonly seen at awards ceremonies. However, the top’s design as well as the outfit’s thick material made the actress’ shoulders look wide and bulky.


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