Yang Hyun-suk’s 5th trial was postponed due to Han Seo-hee’s absence… Yang CEO’s lawyer, “Han Seo-hee seems to be taking the case progress lightly”

As the 5th trial of YG’s former CEO Yang Hyun-suk on the charge of retaliatory threats has been changed to another day, the cross-examination with witness Han Seo-hee was naturally postponed..

The Seoul Central District Court’s Criminal Agreement Division 23 was scheduled to hold the 5th trial on Yang Hyun-suk’s charges, including retaliatory threats under the Act on the Aggravated Punishment of Specific Crimes, on May 16th, but the date was changed.

A legal official said to Star News on May 16th, “The cross-examination will be postponed”, adding, “First of all, the trial will be held, but only the contents of the consultation for the next day are likely to be discussed at the trial”.

On this day, former CEO Yang Hyun-suk appeared wearing a suit and a mask. The defendant must attend a formal trial unconditionally on the trial date. Although the trial was earlier decided to be postponed, it was not canceled since the defendant still appeared in court.

The court said, “We tried to carry out a cross-examination but the witness said she was unable to attend due to health reasons. We believe that it might be difficult for her to give an answer properly, so we set the trial for another day”

Yang Hyun-suk’s lawyer said, “We want this injustice to stop. It’s too bad that the cross-examination was changed due to the witness’s health condition, but no document about her health condition was submitted until the day of the trial. Han Seo-hee submitted a letter stating her reason for absence by fax, we don’t know if she was that sick. We are worried about the changing of the date since it’s so close to the due date. Since there are restrictions on social activities because of the trial, she seems to have taken the situation lightly and changed the date already set by the court.” They added, “We also find it hard to understand that the date of a trial is changed with just only a fax from the witness. I hope this won’t happen again from the next time”.

In response, the court said, “Next time, we will continue the proceeding of the cross-examination. We will proceed with it as soon as possible”. The prosecution said, “Han Seo-hee answered the daily examination sincerely. The argument that she loses her credibility just because of being absent today is just a logical leap”, adding, “Since yesterday was Sunday, the detention center decided to contact the court this morning, there was no intention in demand a change of the trial date. We don’t object to the progress of this case, which should be carried out quickly. We want it to proceed well with cooperation”.

Yang Hyun-suk was accused of threatening and forcing Han Seo-hee to reverse her statement on B.I’s drug suspicions. Apart from Yang Hyun-suk, Han Seo-hee, who was recently sentenced to one and a half years in prison for violating the Narcotics Control Act., attended the previous trial as a witness. 

Yang Hyun-suk denied all charges, pointing out that Han Seo-hee’s testimonies were inconsistent. They brought up Han Seo-hee’s personal life issues, such as her trainee days, the reason she took drugs, and the first time she appeared at YG. On the other hand, Han Seo-hee fought back, saying, “Do not cause secondary harm”.

Source: Daum

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