Interesting facts behind the scenes of Park Jung Min and Kim Go Eun’s film “Sunset in My Hometown” 

You may not know this about the most memorable scenes of “Sunset in My Hometown”. 

The 2018 drama film “Sunset in My Hometown”, led by Park Jung Min and Kim Go Eun, tells the story of Hak Soo, an unpopular rapper who struggles to achieve success in the city. Following a phone call from his father, he returns to his hometown in the countryside and confronts people and relationships from his past that he thinks he left behind for good. Here are some fun facts behind the scenes of the movie. 

1. The mudflat fight scene that was filmed for 2 days 

The mudflat face-off is a scene where Hak Soo (Park Jung Min) and Yong Dae (Go Jun), who have been silent about how they feel for a long time, vent their emotions through their bodies.

Sunset In My Hometown

The scene was filmed for two days as a key scene in the main character’s growth. Despite the fact that mud was buried under the sea breeze in the chilly weather of November, Park Jung Min and Go Jun had to act in a bare-body action sequence using their whole bodies. 

Sunset In My Hometown

This action scene was improvised and considered the hardest scene to shoot throughout the entire film. There was also a funny situation where a handful of mud thrown by Park Jung Min during the filming hit Go Jun’s face.

Park Jung Min and Go Jun showed such a realistic fight to the extent that the staff watching on the set doubted that they were actually fighting.

2. To capture the most famous scene, the cast and crew waited until the real sunset came out

The scene where Kim Go Eun and Park Jung Min watch the sunset together on the hill was filmed at the right timing as the cast and crew waited for the actual sunset to appear. This scene was also used as the movie’s poster.

Sunset In My Hometown

During the actual filming, the wind blew so hard that Kim Go Eun had her eyes closed when the cameras were rolling. If you watch the movie, you can see her acting with her eyes closed.

3. Park Jung Min and Kim Go Eun accidentally kissed behind the scenes

In the final cut where Hak Soo and Seon Mi (Kim Go Eun) are caught by the father while trying to kiss at the hospital, their lips do not touch. However, during the filming, Park Jung Min and Kim Go Eun closed their eyes and unintentionally kissed, making them embarrassed. The two are close senior and junior in real life, and have a relationship where dating rumors would never come out. But because of their accidental kiss, they felt awkward around each other for a while…

Sunset In My Hometown

4. The ‘Show Me the Money’ lyrics were written by Park Jung Min himself 

In the movie’s final scene where Hak Soo competed in ‘Show Me the Money’, the song’s lyrics were actually written by Park Jung Min, who immersed himself in the emotions of Hak Soo. Park Jung Min boasts such amazing writing skills that he even published a collection of essays.

Sunset In My Hometown

All the audience in this scene wears hip clothes, with Kim Go Eun’s Seon Mi being the only one who wears rustic clothes while cheering for Hak Soo. This means to say that Seon Mi is the story’s female protagonist who only looks at Hak Soo. She is rustic, but to Hak Soo, she is a beautiful woman. In a deleted scene, Hak Soo even proposes to Seon Mi and gives her a ring.

Source: Daum

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