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BLACKPINK (Jennie, Ji Soo, Rosé, Lisa) did it once again. They constantly break the record, and put the “first” in front of their name again this time.

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (Coachella), a music festival held in the Colorado Desert, California, USA, announced its 2023 lineup on Jan 11th (local time). According to the announced lineup, BLACKPINK will appear as the headliner of the festival on April 15th and 22th.

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Korean artists started appearing at Coachella from 2016, with Epik High (2016-2021), BLACKPINK (2019), Hyukoh (2019), Yoon Mi Rae and Bibi (2021), and aespa (2021). Because of this, it has become a fairly recognized festival in Korea. In 2022, 2NE1 even made a surprise reunion on the stage of Coachella, drawing attention.

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If 2NE1 was a big hit at Coachella last year, this year, BLACKPINK is in the area. Looking at the Coachella headliners of all time, there are Beastie Boys, Coldplay, Jack Johnson, Radiohead, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, Beyonce, Eminem, Harry Styles, etc. This proves that BLACKPINK, alongside other headliners Bad Bunny and Frank Ocean, is one of the world’s most famous stars this year.


To come back after 4 years as a headliner shows how much BLACKPINK has grown. BLACKPINK has released hit songs such as “Kill This Love” in 2019, “How You Like That” and “Lovesick Girls” in 202, “Pink Venom” and “Shut Down” in 2022. Not to mention each member’s solo discography. the girls topped the Billboard chart every time, and their YouTube music videos easily exceeded 100 million views. The growth of BLACKPINK, from a K-pop girl group to a world star, is also a good precedent for the Korean pop music market.

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Referring to BLACKPINK’s growth, a K-pop professional said, “It seems accurate to evaluate BLACKPINK as a vanguard of K-pop, rather than simply interpreting them as just popular overseas. In addition, BLACKPINK was invited to Coachella as a subheadliner in 2019 to solidify their position in the global music market. To be on the stage as a headliner after four years has proven the explosive growth of K-pop’s influence, led by BLACKPINK and BTS,” they said.

Another K-pop professional also said, “BLACKPINK being chosen as a Coachella headliner is more meaningful in that they are the first ‘K-pop singer’ to do so, and not just the first Korean girl group. Amid growing interest in K-pop following the influence of BTS, the rise of BLACKPINK as a Coachella headliner proves K-Pop’s position in the mainstream music market, not just a simple consumption among overseas K-pop fans anymore. After the rise of global boy group BTS, the fact that BLACKPINK is also enjoying global popularity as a girl group proves that K-pop is being consumed on a wider level. With how the K-pop market is set to expand further worldwide in the future, we can’t help but look forward to BLACKPINK’s performance,” they said positively.

Friends with many US celebrities, Jennie never forgets to hang out with them whenever she’s in the country. On April 16, the idol attended Coachella with the DJ duo Simi & Haze.
Friends with many US celebrities, Jennie never forgets to hang out with them whenever she’s in the country. On April 16, the idol attended Coachella with the DJ duo Simi & Haze.

The K-pop industry was originally dominated by boy groups. However, it has recently switched into the playground of 4th-generation girl groups such as IVE, New Jeans, and LE SSERAFIM. An insider of the K-Pop industry pointed this out, “The fact that BLACKPINK is the main performer at a large-scale event where 300,000 people gather every year proves that their fandom power is as great as the boy groups. It is meaningful that they have cracked the Anglo-American area, which was like a glass ceiling for K-Pop, but this can also be seen as a new way for their junior girl groups,” they praised.

Following Coachella, BLACKPINK has been nominated for the BRIT Awards, the UK’s most prestigious pop music awards.

Source: Star News

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