Wonho showed off his love for sports, “I used to dream of becoming a Taekwondo athlete… I felt lonely when the gym was closed”

Singer Wonho appeared on “Jessi’s Showterview” and boasted his sporty side.

The new episode of SBS Mobidic’s web entertainment show “Jessi’s Showterview” released on February 17th showed singer Wonho’s appearance as a guest and his talk with Jessie.

On this day, Wonho said, “I was so lucky to be cast by the company and became a singer at the age of 19”, adding, “I originally wanted to become a Taekwondo athlete. I did Taekwondo for over 10 years but then had to quit because of an injury”. He added, “During my trainee days, I gradually developed my dream of becoming a singer”.

Wonho Jessi’s Showterview

When asked about composing and writing lyrics for songs, Wonho said, “I do everything myself. After I debuted, I began to think that it would be really great if my fans sing along to songs I made”, adding, “The song that I want to play for fans the most at the moment is my new song ‘Obsession’.”

Wonho Jessi’s Showterview

Upon hearing the song’s English title “Obsession”, Jessi asked, “Are you obsessed with someone?”. Wonho answered, “I’m obsessed with my fans”, showing off his affection for fans. In addition, Jessi praised Wonho’s body figure, saying, “You must have worked out really hard. Are you obsessed with exercising?”. Wonho surprised everyone as he agreed to the question.

Wonho Jessi’s Showterview

In addition, Wonho also talked about his strengths and weaknesses, saying, “I eat and do exercises a lot. I think my good point is having an attractive voice. My weaknesses are eating too much, only doing exercises and being shy”. He added, “I felt lonely when I came back home after performances but found it was so quiet and when I went to the gym but it was closed”, drawing laughter.


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