With the new milestone of 20 million followers on Instagram, fans ask IU to change this detail!

IU has achieved a super record with her personal Instagram account. 

On April 18, IU officially reached 20 million followers on her personal Instagram account. This new milestone has confirmed the popularity of the female singer.  Immediately, IU posted a new photo on Instagram showing her surprise at her achievements: “20 million people are following me” with a surprise face icon.

In addition to comments congratulating IU’s new achievement, some fans also asked the singer to change her personal Instagram profile picture.  Accordingly, she has used this photo of a golden duck for a long time:

– When will you ever intend to change your profile picture?

 – I think you should change your Instagram name too …

– Every time I look up your IG name, I’m a bit tired. But it’s okay, you are pretty so I accept it.

 – She claimed to be Super Famous but she is surprised by her number of Instagram followers. 

Congratulations on IU’s new achievement!

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