“She’s rude,” Ahn Yu-jin, whose messages have always been left on seen by Lee Young-ji, decided to send this

Rapper Lee Young-ji has been embroiled in a “rude controversy(?)” regarding chat messenger.

On tvN’s “Bbyong Bbyong Earth Arcade,” which aired on August 26th, Lee Eun-ji, Mimi, Lee Young-ji and Ahn Yu-jin left for vacation after finishing their Thailand schedule. After their trip to Thailand, the members became closer and told each other how they were doing or revealed behind-the-scenes stories.

Lee Eun-ji first started with an episode where she chatted with Lee Young-ji on a messenger app. “I was surprised that she is so different from her in real life. On the messenger, she is like Cheonghak-dong. Very polite, very kind,” she said about Lee Young-ji. Lee Young-ji went to “Comedy Big League” as an audience and decided to go out for a drink with Lee Eun-ji after the recording, but she was suddenly called for a recording schedule. At this time, she explained the situation more politely than anyone else and impressed Lee Eun-ji.

However, other members Ahn Yu-jin and Mimi had different ideas. Mimi reveals that “Young-ji always leaves us on seen,” while Ahn Yu-jin also says, “That’s what I’m saying. It doesn’t make any sense,” she agreed.

“This is no courtesy,” Mimi said. It’s rude, rude, rude,” Mimi stressed. Ahn Yu-jin said, “I have so much to say,” and even shared a screenshot of her personal messenger chat log with Lee Young-ji.

This is how it started. Lee Young-ji, who wanted to post a photo taken with Ahn Yu-jin on social media, sent Ahn a text message first to ask for the selfie. Ahn Yu-jin said she carefully spent quite some time finding and choosing the photos because it has been a while since they visited Thailand. However, Lee Young-ji did not even check the message no matter how much time has passed.

The problem is that she was actively talking and sending photos in the group chat room. Seeing that, An Yu-jin tilted her head, saying, “What is it?”

Ahn Yu-jin once again sent a message to Lee Young-ji, who did not check her messages. She confessed, “I couldn’t stand it. I sent her a message saying ‘Sis, what are you doing? Why didn’t you read my messages?’” Regarding this, Lee Young-ji just laughed and said, “I love you.”

Ahn Yu-jin made everyone burst into laughter as she revealed, “So do you know what my last message I left? I told her, ‘I won’t let it go.’ But she didn’t read that either.” Lee Young-ji explained, “Think about chatting with a pretty girl like Ahn Yu-jin. How nervous would it be?”

Earlier, Lee Young-ji met TXT Soobin on her YouTube entertainment content “Although there is nothing much prepared” and found a similarity as both do not reply to others’ messages even after seeing them. Many netizens sympathized with the two, while some responded that they were displeased when other people ignored their messages.

Source: wikitree

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