SHINee Key about SM Entertainment: “It’s a lie to say that the company is a family”

SHINee member Key caused netizens to laugh as he got real and described himself as a “contract worker”.

On August 26th, SHINee member Key appeared on the web program “My Alcohold Diary”, which is hosted by famous rapper Lee Young Ji, and confessed his thoughts about his management agency, SM Entertainment. 

Since I am also a contract worker and you are also a contract worker, We never know what will happen in the future. I always think that way. I am a contract worker. It’s a lie to say that the company is a family. We are just helping each other,” Key confessed

As Lee Young Ji laughed, Key added, “I love my company”, lightening the atmosphere. 

Key also revealed that producer Lee Soo Man rarely texted him personally. The male idol said, “Sometimes he would take a screenshot of the show I was in and told me he was watching. He also gave me a “Good” response. If he sends 1 “Good”, it means I get 3.5 stars, 2 words mean 4.5 stars and 3 words mean I can have a party. Teacher, please extend my contract.”

Meanwhile, Key is about to make a comeback. His 2nd full album ‘Gasoline’ with a total of 11 songs, including the title track ‘Gasoline’ showing Key’s overflowing confidence and ambition, will be released at 6 pm KST on August 30th.

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