Why did YG suddenly cancel BLACK PINK’s concert in the U.S?

Fans are confused by the news that YG just canceled BLACK PINK’s May 9th concert night in the U.S.

On April 27th, AXS – the ticket distributor of BLACK PINK’s concert in the U.S suddenly announced that the May 9th concert night in Fort Worth (Texas) is officially canceled. However, fans are even more confused when both AXS and YG couldn’t release any reason for the concert cancellation.

AXS announced the cancellation of BLACK PINK’s concert in Fort Worth on May 9th.

When both YG and AXS don’t have any official announcement about the reason behind the cancellation, netizens started guessing and came up with 2 most possible reasons. The 1st one is Jisoo’s health. As far as we know, the health condition of this member is not very good, shw couldn’t even go out with the other 3 members during their time in the U.S. And with the upcoming tight schedule of BLACK PINK, Jisoo won’t have the time to recover.

Fans don’t believe YG canceled the concert because of Jisoo.

However, some netizens did not believe that YG canceled the concert because they worried about their artists. They say that if YG really cares for Jisoo, they will cancel the shows before May 9th so she can have some rest.

The second reason and perhaps the most sensible reason behind YG’s canceling the concert of BLACK PINK is because of ticket sales. The concert on May 9 is actually an extra concert that YG added later, it was not in the original schedule. Besides, with the current slow ticket sales situation, BLACK PINK’s additional concert nights are difficult to be sold out.

Although AXS announced the cancellation of the concert and promised to return money to the fans who bought tickets, many were still very dissatisfied. The fans were annoyed at YG’s greedy attitude when they open more concert while the tickets were not sold out and now they had to cancel it. The netizens are getting more and more suspicious of BLACK PINK’s true popularity in the US, is it just some kind of fake reputation that YG made up on the newspaper themselves?

Although BLACK PINK canceled their concert on May 9, the group still had many other opportunities to meet their fans in the US.

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