Who is Katsuya who stated that Jimin’s t-shirt should not be forgiven and would ask for an apology from Korean government?

He is the one that has recently attracted a lot of attention by making statement that South Korean government should be responsible for BTS Jimin’s wearing a t-shirt with an Independence Day image, which recently led to the Japanese media’s rage.

Katzya Takasu, a Japanese broadcaster with various activities such as doctors, scholars and writers, recently posted a controversial article on his Instagram commenting over Jimin’s t-shirt.

He linked the Japanese entertainment media coverage and said: “This is unforgivable. We must ask the South Korean government for an apology. Japanese people are always tired of asking the Korean government for an apology. We have reached the limit of patience. Apologize.”

Before this, a photo released by the Japanese entertainment media Magez shows BTS Jimin wearing a printed t-shirt with a picture of an atomic bomb and Korean Independence Day.

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