When being covered by Jang Won Young’s arm, Liz moved her body to show her face to fans

IVE Liz’s cute action of trying to show her face on the camera melted fans’ hearts.

According to the chart released by Billboard on Jan 10th (local time), IVE’s “After LIKE” has been on the “Billboard Global 200 Chart” for 16 weeks. While IVE is gaining global popularity, contents related to the hit song “After LIKE” are also drawing attention at the same time.

Last year, IVE posted a behind-the-scenes video of the dance practice for “After LIKE” through their official YouTube channel. At that time, IVE, who finished practicing, left a short video letter to fans, “This was our last practice. And we will come back soon.


When Ahn Yu Jin performed the main choreography of “After LIKE”, Jang Won Young also danced, saying, “We can finally show you the ‘Yoo hoo’ dance.

Afterwards, Ahn Yu Jin boosted morale, “This promotion, fighting.” Jang Won Young continued to speak with her left arm raised on her head.


Jang Won Young made a cheek heart with a cute expression, saying, “After LIKE is Love!

At this time, as Jang Won Young kept raising her arm, Liz’s face behind her was covered. Liz was also aware that her face was not shown on the camera.


Liz tried to show her face by moving her body, but unfortunately failed.

Fans showed responses such as “It was really lovely” and “Liz is cute no matter what she does.

Source: Insight

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