“The Glory” Shin Ye Eun felt sorry for her co-star after filming bullying scenes 

Shin Ye Eun, who plays a perpetrator of school violence in “The Glory”, showed off her sweet personality on set. 

On January 13th, a video was posted on Netflix Korea‘s official Instagram with the caption, “Revenge is fierce, but what happened on set was warm. Here’s a making video to prevent your excessive immersion in ‘The Glory’.”

The video shows the cast of “The Glory” filming in a warm atmosphere.

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Park Sung Hoon asked, “Ji Yeon, you’re having a hard time, right?” in the filming scene of the five school violence perpetrators. “I feel happy to be with you guys today,” she said, drawing laughter by appearing to be conscious of the camera.

After filming the scene of slapping Song Hye Kyo, Lim Ji Yeon put her hand on Song Hye Kyo’s cheek and hugged her, showing an apologetic expression. Song Hye Kyo smiled brightly and showed a cool appearance.

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Shin Ye Eun, who played the young self of Lim Ji Yeon also felt sorry for her co-star Jung Ji So, who plays the child role of Moon Dong Eun, after filming the school violence scene.

After filming the scene where Jung Ji So is bullied by Shin Ye Eun, Jung Ji So said, “It didn’t hurt as much as I thought,” but Shin Ye Eun repeatedly apologized, saying, “I’m sorry.”

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Even though Jung Ji So said she was “really fine,” Shin Ye Eun kept fanning her co-star hands with her hands while being sorry. 

Shin Ye Eun plays a vicious villain in the drama, but her real-life personality is warmer than anyone else. Fans call this “a video to watch when you get overly immersed in the drama”.

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Meanwhile, “The Glory” tells the story of Moon Dong Eun, whose soul was damaged by brutal violence violence in her childhood, risking her life to take revenge.

A total of 16 episodes, divided into Part 1 and Part 2, are released. Part 2 will be out in March.

Source: Insight. 

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