Lee Jong Suk’s current love IU and former love Park Shin Hye stun in same-day pictorial

Netizens are comparing the pictorials of IU and Park Shin Hye, which are released within the same day.

On January 12th, Park Shin Hye and IU both shook the Korean entertainment industry with their brand new pictorials. As the two are Lee Jong Suk’s former and current partner, many netizens try to put the pictorials side by side and look into detail. 

In particular, IU drew attention with her doll-like visuals in a pictorials with the fashion magazine Vogue. Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye exuded a sexy maturity, looking perfect after she gave birth. 

iu gucci vogue
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New photos of Park Shin Hye and IU were released on January 12th


Collaborating with luxury brand Gucci, IU boasts visuals that resemble a doll on fashion magazine Vogue. Her blemish-less skin and cherry-red lips draw a lot of attention.

iu gucci vogue

IU, who is known with the nickname “the nation’s little sister”, often adopts a sweet and princess-like image. Her photoshoot, however, showcases IU in a sharper and alluring light

It is impossible to draw eyes away from this close-up shot of IU. This is her first pictorial appearance after confirming her relationship with Lee Jong Suk

iu gucci vogue

IU and Lee Jong Suk confirmed that they are dating on December 31st of 2022, and immediately became the center of attention

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Park Shin Hye

On January 12th, Park Shin Hye published various photos of herself while attending an event of famous jewelry brand Van Cleef & Arpels. Her post has since received over 1.3 million likes on Instagram, with netizens expressing admiration over the actress’ visuals after giving birth.

park shin hye

In particular, Park Shin Hye adorned a class gown with a deep neck cut, which highlighted her slim figure and sexy clavicle. It seems that the actress has quickly regained her old proportions and is well-set for an astounding return. 

park shin hye

After giving birth to her first child, Park Shin Hye looks more mature and alluring. At the same time, the actress has been teasing about future projects, raising expectations from fans and the public alike. 

park shin hye

Park Shin Hye simply looks perfect in every angle, leaving netizens shell-shocked with her elegant and classy beauty. She exuded a different kind of aura compared to the sweet and doll-like IU

Back in 2015, Dispatch released alleged “dating photos” of Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk. However, both parties announced that they were not dating, against the convictions of netizens.

park shin hye lee jong suk dating

Source: Naver

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