What’s going on with “Single’s Inferno” Freezia?… Her recent situation was revealed

The recent situation of YouTuber Song Ji-ah (Freezia, 26 years old), who is self-reflecting due to controversy over wearing fake goods, was revealed.

On May 19th, many photos of Song Ji-ah and actress Kang Ye-won (real name Kim Ji-eun, 44 years old) were posted on the page of the Catholic House of Love and Peace.

The Catholic House of Love and Peace said, “Ji-ah and Ye-won come once a month and serve hard in the kitchen. They also participate in the delivery of lunch boxes to Jjokbang Village. We hope that they will continue to spread their positive influence in the future.”

Free Zia

Song Ji-ah and Kang Ye-won participated in the lunch box service for residents and homeless people of Jjokbang Village. Song Ji-ah was wearing an apron, a hat and a mask. Comedian Lee Soo-geun’s wife Park Ji-yeon (37 years old) also joined. Park Ji-yeon shared through SNS, “I’m the happiest when I cook. I came here to share that happiness with good people.” She mentioned Song Ji-ah, “It was a happy time with my pretty little sister.”

Free Zia

Song Ji-ah was embroiled in controversy over wearing fake goods in January. She acknowledged it with a handwritten letter and an apology video. All YouTube and Instagram posts were also set to private. At that time, Song Ji-ah apologized, “Regarding the recent controversy over using fake products, I admit that it was true and acknowledge that everything was my fault. I have damaged the value of many brands and disappointed people who trust me. I’m really sorry.”

Free Zia

She continued, “At first, I just bought them because they looked pretty. And after receiving huge love from so many people, I think I lost my mind. Gradually, I was too into it, so I really regret it now. I feel so pathetic thinking about myself in the past. I will spend time turning all my channels into private and reflecting on myself again and again.”

Free Zia

Song Ji-ah was active on YouTube under the nickname “Freezia”. She gained popularity by appearing on Netflix’s “Single’s Inferno” in December last year, but only a month later, she caused a stir due to controversy over using fake products.

Source: Nate

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