The first episode of Seo Ye-ji’s comeback drama “Eve” to be delayed, the production presentation plan didn’t go well either

As the first episode of actress Seo Ye-ji’s return work “Eve” is postponed for another week, its production presentation press conference also failed to happen.

tvN said on May 20th, “To enhance the quality of the Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Eve’, the 1st episode will premiere at 10:30 p.m. on June 1st, which is 1 week later from the original plan of May 25th.” In addition, it announced that the drama production presentation will not be held due to filming and later work schedules.


Eve” is the story of Lee Ra-el (Seo Ye-ji), who became the main character of a divorce suit of 2 trillion won between a 0.1% upper-class couple in Korea. She plans her revenge to destroy Kang Yoon-gyeom (Park Byung-eun), the CEO of LY Group, who destroyed her family. Actress Yoo Seon plays the role of Yoon-gyeom’s wife Han So-ra, and Lee Sang-yeop plays Seo Eun-pyeong, who became the youngest lawmaker from a human rights lawyer who grew up in an orphanage. Writer Yoon Young-mi of the drama “Good Witch Exhibition” (2018) and producer Park Bong-seop of the drama “Drama Stage-Blackout” (2019) worked together in this drama.


The still released on the day contained the dangerous first meeting between Lee Ra-el and Yoon-gyeom. There is a strange atmosphere between them, heralding a precarious relationship between Ra-el, who gave a seductive look, and Yoon-gyeom, who had no idea what Ra-el was thinking.


Meanwhile, Seo Ye-ji stopped her activities in July last year due to controversy over gaslighting her ex-boyfriend Kim Jung-hyun, school violence, forgery of her academic background, and power abuse. Although she will return after about a year with “Eve,” she is not expected to appear in public appearances, perhaps because she is still conscious of public opinion.

Source: Daum

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