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Super rookie Kep1er performed SNSD’s “The Boys” splendidly on “Queendom 2”, even Taeyeon couldn’t  hold back praise 

The 4th generation “super rookie” Kep1er delivered a groundbreaking opening performance for “Queendom 2”.

In the May 19th episode of Mnet’s “Queendom 2”, Kep1er, which include 9 members Choi Yujin, Xiao Ting, Mashiro, Kim Chaehyun, Kim Dayeon, Hikaru, Huening Bahiyyih, Seo Youngeun, and Kang Yeseo, performed their third round stage. 

For this round called “Fantastic Queendom”, 6 contestants were requested to cover famous songs recommended by fans. Here, Kep1er decided to hold a surprise fan meeting, with Mashiro and Seo Youngeun lurking in a practice room where fans gathered to learn the choreography of the group’s first title “WA DA DA”. Then, they revealed themselves to the great joy of fans, and other members also made a surprise appearance. 

queendom 2

There, fans offered the Kep1er supportive words like “I hope you don’t stress too much and enjoy the stage”, which made the members teary. The mini fanmeeting successfully recharged the group’s energy to prepare for their cover of SNSD’s “The Boys”.

At the beginning of the stage, all nine members wore black cloaks, drawing curiosity. Then, not befalling the audience’s excitement and expectations, the group took off their cloaks, and in the concept and lighting reminiscent of a witch’s forest, transformed into “Black Kep1er” and took over the stage with spectacular charisma. 

queendom 2

Kep1ler’s take on “The Boys” seemed to have torn the stage apart with powerful choreography and outstanding stage presence. The rearrangement of the song and new concept managed to satisfy both the eyes of ears of the viewer, completed with Kep1er’s unique charms, an explosive dance breaking, and jaw-dropping high notes. Watching the stage, SNSD member Taeyeon did not hold back her praise, saying: “Kep1er has really shown off their unique strengths..” 

queendom 2

Mnet’s “Queendom 2”, which features Hyolyn, Brave Girls, VIVIZ, LOONA, WJSN (Cosmic Girls), and Kep1er, airs every Thursday at 9:20 PM KST. 

Source: Daum

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