What you may not know about the man BLACKPINK’s Rosé kissed at Saint Laurent’s pre-Oscar Party

The photo of BLACKPINK’s Rosé cutely kissing a man’s cheek has created a buzz on social media. 

On March 26, BLACKPINK’s Rosé took social media by storm with her appearance at Saint Laurent’s pre-Oscar party. Many famous Hollywood stars also attended this party. Rosé wore a sexy strapless tube dress in mesh with feathers, showing off her long skinny legs and perfectly attractive shoulders. The long blonde hair makes her look even more gorgeous.

Photos of Rosé at the party were later posted and created a stir. Netizens especially paid attention to the photo of Rosé lovingly kissing a man’s cheek. A friendly kiss on the cheek is common in Western culture, but Rosé’s action still took many netizens by surprise because they have never seen her kissing someone of the opposite sex before.  

However, every Rosé fan would know who this man is. He is Anthony Vaccarello, the creative director of Saint Laurent. Since Rosé was selected as the global ambassador for the French luxury fashion house, she and Anthony have been close friends, which explains their adorable kiss. Besides, Anthony is openly gay and happily married to Arnaud Michaux. They also have a child together. 

Anthony Vaccarello appeared next to Rosé at different fashion events in the past, including the Met Gala. During her trip to the US in 2021, she also gave Anthony‘s baby a gift, showing how close they are. 

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