What will NMIXX’s presence be like in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis?

JYP Entertainment’s youngest group NMIXX will debut soon.

NMIXX will release their first single “AD MARE” and title track “O.O” at 6 PM on February 22nd. It is a debut under unfavorable conditions with some of the promotions on the debut date being postponed due to the members’ COVID-19 infection. BAE and Kyujin respectively tested positive on Feb 17th and 20th.

NMIXX debut showcase

Regarding this, the agency announced, “The online press showcase to commemorate NMIXX’s debut has been postponed to 2PM on March 1st. We’re so sorry to hold the event on holidays, but we’re asking for your understanding that it was inevitably chosen due to schedules such as renting a venue.” The fan showcase was also postponed to 8 PM on the same day.

It is not a smooth debut, but expectations in the music industry are significant. NMIXX is JYP Entertainment’s first rookie girl group in three years, and the 4th division “SQU4D” was exclusively established for NMIXX. The 4th division, led by director Lee Ji-young, has been carrying out special promotions for NMIXX. In July 2021, their debut album’s limited edition “Blind Package”, which was sold in a situation where no information about the group was released, garnered 61,667 pre-orders, and their official YouTube channel reached 22.4 million views in about five months.

NMIXX debut showcase

NMIXX consists of 7 members: Lily, Haewon, Seolyoon, Jinni, BAE, Jiwoo and Kyujin. The group name is a combination of “N” in now, new, next, the unknown quantity n and “MIX” which symbolizes diversity. It means “the best combination that will be responsible for the new era”. The agency emphasized, “They have all-rounder capabilities that are not limited by specific positions such as dance, vocal and visual. NMIXX is expected to play an active role as a ‘7-7-7 all ace group’.”

NMIXX debut showcase

The title track “O.O” is a mixture of the unconventional Baile Funk and Teenage Pop Rock with an intense trap intro that captivates the ears right from the start. With the song name that symbolizes surprise like the exclamation “Oh!”, a magnificent beat, an addictive sound as well as catchy lyrics like “Oh my, take care of your fallen mentality, babe/Watch out, baila baila baila”, NMIXX’s debut song promises to make waves. 

In commemoration of the debut, NMIXX will appear on Melon Station’s music talk show “Today’s Music” at 6 PM on the day when their title song is released. You will be able to hear NMIXX’s stories, including how they feel about their debut, the members’ MBTI and their future resolutions. In addition, the agency will communicate with fans through various contents starting from the release date.

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