What will BLACKPINK’s comeback mean to Kpop after almost 2 years of absence?

BLACKPINK may finally be coming back after almost 600 days of no group activities. The impact of their return is simply massive to their fans, their company, as well as the whole Kpop industry. 

As of the moment, it has been just under 600 days since BLACKPINK’s last group promotions. The group’s agency, YG Entertainment, is still keeping a complete silence despite the call of fans. 

BLACKPINK is rumored to be coming back soon. 

However, according to Korean media, the famous girl group may finally return in the near future. Everything is just being kept a secret for the surprise effect, and also for changes to be made in accordance with YG’s strategies, insiders said. 

BLACKPINK will revive YG’s poor revenues.


According to investment experts, the return of BLACKPINK may help YG raise their revenues after a poor performance in quarter 1. In particular, YG’s revenue and profit for the first quarter of 2022 is 75.5 billion won (59 million USD) and 6.1 billion won (4.8 million USD), respectively, dropping 22.4% and 21.4% year on year. 

Financial researchers also predict that Blackpink is expected to make a comeback in the third quarter and start a tour in the fourth quarter.Taking into account 5 weeks of pre-order before release, this means BLACKPINK will come back earliest in July, they said. 

BLACKPINK’s return after almost 600 years of hiatus is highly-anticipated

In addition, they also add that YG’s profits are expected to fluctuate after BLACKPINK’s comeback, and that there will be a noticeable improvement in earnings from the third quarter.

Expressing gratitude to fans 

The long absence of BLACKPINK has left many fans exhausted. As a result, they complained directly to YG about the lack of comebacks. 


Some even feared a possible disbandment of the famous group, believing that all members will be too busy with their solo projects like dramas and solo albums to return as a group. 

Therefore, a comeback is necessary to soothe the group’s fandom. It will be a means to express gratitude to fans, for having waited too long for BLACKPINK.

Winning back BLACKPINK’s position


Another meaning of this upcoming comeback is that it will re-establish the standing of BLACKPINK in the Kpop industry. Due to the group’s long absence, they are fading from numerous charts and ranking, and are being surpassed by junior groups.

Therefore, a new group album after 600 days will not only help raise YG’s earnings, revive fans’ spirit, but also win back the prestige of BLACKPINK.

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