Ways to punish infidelity in “Doctor Cha” according to a lawyer specializing in divorce

Cha Jeong Suk found out about her husband’s affair. How can she punish her husband and the brazen adulteress for causing irreparable wounds?

The intertwined relationships in JTBC’s “Doctor Cha” are doubling the tension of the drama. In episode 10, Cha Jeong Suk (Uhm Jung Hwa) found out about the affair between her doctor husband Seo In Ho (Kim Byung Chul) and family medicine professor Choi Seung Hee (Myung Se Bin).

Cha Jeong Suk was in despair that her husband had been secretly dating Choi Seung Hee for a long time. In addition, her husband had a daughter out of wedlock named Choi Eun Seo (So A Rin).


In the drama, Cha Jeong Suk considers whether to maintain her marriage. However, her mind gets complicated when the lawyer says that there is no clean divorce. Is it like that in real life?

Lee In Cheol, a lawyer specializing in divorce, suggested two ways for Cha Jeong Suk to cope with her current situation: maintaining the family while keeping the husband and Choi Seung Hee labeled as adulterers for life or filing for divorce while seeking compensation for the damages caused. However, the lawyer pointed out that the first option comes with a significant emotional risk for Cha Jeong Suk.

The lawyer suggested that a wise choice would be to pursue a divorce lawsuit. Cha Jeong Suk can demand alimony from both her husband and his mistress, although the amount may not be substantial. The lawyer advised Cha Jeong Suk to publicly shame Choi Seung Hee by sending a letter to her workplace, potentially tarnishing her reputation as an adulteress.

Doctor Cha

One significant compensation that Cha Jeong Suk can seek through legal action is property division. Since Cha Jeong Suk has supported her husband’s successful career and sacrificed her own dreams, she may be entitled to a more substantial share of the assets. The lawyer emphasized the importance of collecting sufficient evidence to prove the husband’s relationship with his mistress.

Regarding the issue of the husband’s child from the affair, it is difficult to receive significant compensation. While the issue of the mistress can be included in the alimony claim, the amount awarded for such cases is often limited.

In the drama, Cha Jeong Suk faces another challenge when her husband, the main culprit behind the family’s collapse, takes a passive stance, while Choi Seung Hee remains brazen. Choi Seung Hee provokes extreme anger by suggesting that she will quit the hospital if Cha Jeong Suk and Seo In Ho get divorced.

Lawyer Lee advised against resorting to violence or personal retaliation as it can backfire and lead to defamation. Instead, he recommended handling the situation gracefully through official channels or consulting with professionals.

Source: Daum

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