Want’s Emma explains about Mnet’s evil editing on ‘Street Woman Fighter’

Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’ is receiving a lot of love from the public. However, the dancers were criticized for being swept up in various controversies such as ‘school violence’ and ‘scamming’. This time, Emma was the center with the controversy over her agency dispute and attitude. Despite the explanation, the public still gave her cold response.

On October 5, the management agency Dread Alliance announced through an official statement that Emma had unilaterally canceled her contract with the company. They also said, “We are preparing to sue Emma for compensation in damages.

Then, they claimed that there was a problem with Emma‘s appearance in ‘Street Woman Fighter‘. They explained, “She has violated the terms of our contract through the dual contract rather than a 3-party contract, her activities as a backup dancer which was not agreed upon, her activities with other agencies as well as her dignity damage as a part of the debut idol group.

Finally, they added, “We decided that further conversations with Emma will be impossible, so we have inevitably prepared a lawsuit for compensation in damages against her.

However, despite the strong statement of the agency, Emma only posted a friendly photo with the members of ‘Street Woman Fighter’ through SNS instead of revealing any position.

In the middle of the controversy with the agency, on October 6, posts pointing out Emma’s attitude began to spread on viewers’ bulletin board and SNS. During the broadcast on October 5, messages containing Emma’s frequent tardiness and lack of awareness were revealed. In these messages, Emma joked, “I thought I was late for 30 minutes today, but fortunately, I was actually late for only 10 minutes” and “I’m the tardy princess and Rozalin is the tardy queen.

Emma made the public angry for not feeling guilty at all even though she was late. In addition, Hyo-jin Choi, leader of team Want to which Emma belongs, evaluated her as “insincere” on the broadcast, which caused a great controversy.

As the controversy spread, Emma posted a lengthy explanation letter through her SNS story this afternoon. She said, “I was held back after self-quarantine, and although I had my personal schedules alongside this, the mega crew mission practices were often held at dawn and I’ve never missed one.

She continued, “I watched the practice process over video calls and I did the best I could.” Regarding the messages disclosed through the broadcast, she said, “I was very upset and confused when I saw the content that was uploaded without our agreement. The part that Hyo-jin Choi seemed to be correcting me for the choreography at the site was actually a part that I had choreographed and it wasn’t shown properly on broadcast. She was actually helping me to raise the quality of the choreography but it went out like I had made a mistake so I was very upset about it“.

Finally, she settled the controversy, “I don’t mind if you don’t recognize my efforts. I’m really upset about the situation where our efforts and mega crew project became something that showcased discord due to editing. Please give lots of love to Want“. However, there is no specific explanation for the controversy over the violation of the exclusive contract as well as the suspicion of tardiness, and netizens continue to react coldly despite the explanation.

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