Video of “The Glory” actor Park Sung Hoon imitating Song Kang Ho’s voice goes viral 

Past video of actor Park Sung Hoon, who plays Jeon Jae Joon in Netflix’s “The Glory”, is gaining attention again. 

On January 7th, a video of Park Sung Hoon mimicking Song Kang Ho’s vocal cords was posted on major online Korean communities. This video contains Park Sung Hoon impersonating Song Kang Ho when appearing on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” in November last year. As interest in the cast of Netflix’s popular drama “The Glory” grows, this video is receiving attention.

park sung hoon knowing bros

At the time of his appearance in “Knowing Bros”, Park Sung Hoon gives everyone goosebumps by recreating the same conversation he had with Song Kang Ho at a drinking party in the past. The vocal imitation Park Sung Hoon showed was Song Kang Ho himself in tone and breathing. 

When this video gained attention again, netizens commented, “Wow, I watched ‘Knowing Bros’ and ‘The Glory’ but I didn’t know it was the same person,” “His mullet really makes people feel crazy,” “He’s really good. I thought he was Song Kang Ho,” “I can’t believe that is Jeon Jae Joon from ‘The Glory’”, “I’ve seen this a few times because it’s so amazing, but seeing it now, it’s Jae Joon!! Huh”, etc., showing their surprised reactions. 

song kang ho

Meanwhile, Park Sung Hoon plays Jeon Jae Joon, one of the perpetrators of school violence, in “The Glory”. Jeon Jae Joon, played by Park Sung Hoon, is a rich and arrogant chaebol with a fashionable style and beautiful appearance but a vicious personality.

“The Glory” depicts the story of a woman whose soul was shattered by violence in her childhood and the desperate revenge she prepared meticulously for her entire life and those who fall into the vortex of her plan. 

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Part 1 was released on December 30th, and Part 2 is scheduled to be released in March.

Source: Wikitree

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