Song Kang-ho Reveals The Story Of When Director Park Chan-wook Was Upset With Him

Actor Song Kang-ho, who just made his drama debut with “Uncle Samsik”, appeared on “Pinggyego” and met with Yoo Jae-suk

On June 15th, the YouTube channel “DdeunDdeun” uploaded a new video titled, “First meeting is just an excuse”. In the video, “Uncle Samsik” actors Song Kang-ho, Byun Yo-han and Jin Ki-joo appeared as guests and shared various talks.

song kang ho

Revealing himself as a morning person, Song Kang-ho confessed, “I wake up at 6 a.m. Normally, I just stay still”. On the other hand, Byun Yo-han shared, “I sleep as much as I want”, while Jin Ki-joo said, “I can sleep until 1-3 p.m. if no one wakes me up. I’m trying to change my routine by going to bed early and getting up early, but the best record is still 10 a.m.”

When asked about their impressions of Song Kang-ho, Byun Yo-han and Jin Ki-joo said, “He’s careful and playful”. Hearing that, Song Kang-ho smiled and agreed, “They’re right”.

song kang ho

Regarding his appearance on “Pinggyego”, Song Kang-ho explained, “After 35 years of acting, I must appear on various programs to greet viewers but I’m hesitant because I don’t have the ability to tell funny and touching stories in places like this. I’m not showing up on programs as much as possible to prevent causing inconvenience to viewers”, adding “But I changed my mind. I trusted Byun Yo-han and Jin Ki-joo since they’re good at telling interesting stories”.

Referring to “Uncle Samsik” as his debut drama, Song Kang-ho said, “I was cast for the drama and it was reported in articles. Some people called me ‘rookie actor’ and I find it funny. I’m happy when people call me new actor”. 

song kang ho yoo jae suk

When asked if he likes traveling, Song Kang-ho confessed, “I don’t really enjoy traveling or going anywhere. When staying at hotels, I really hate going out. I’d rather stay inside”, adding “15 years ago, I attended a film festival in Morocco. It took us exactly 14 hours to go from Korea to the hotel in Morocco. Directors Park Chan-wook and Kim Ji-woon walked around after the event but I didn’t leave the hotel because it was so nice”.

Revealing that director Park Chan-wook was upset with him, Song Kang-ho said, “The director asked me, ‘If you’re going to stay at the hotel after going a long way, then why are you even coming here?”. Yoo Jae-suk wondered, “So did you go out?”. Song Kang-ho smiled and replied, “I didn’t go”.

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