Uneven popularity among members, aespa opts for a group ambassadorship 

aespa is working as a “group ambassador” for brands and in commercial deals.

Unlike other fourth-generation girl groups such as NewJeans, IVE or (G)I-DLE, aespa remains as a team even in fashion. 


According to Issuefeed, SM set this ground rule for new groups of the company. In a entertainment show appearance, aespa also announced they would rather be a “group ambassador” than indivdual ambassadors. 

In reality, netizen speculated that it was rather due to the uneven popularity in the fahsion field among the members. When speaking of the name of the group, only Karina and Winter are mentioned. Giselle and NingNing, on the other hand, are often overlooked. The discrepancy is reflected in the monthly girl group member brand reputation where Winter and Karina chart better than the other two members. 

Therefore, the received resources would be varied from member to member if they opt for individual ambassadorship, leading to negative response to individual reputation. 

At the moment, aespa is doing well their job as a group ambassador. They are holding deals with Givenchy, Chopard, MLB, Eternal Return, Mediheal, CLIO and Eider.

The members evenly distribute roles in advertising campaigns. (Image: Pinterest) 
Being a group ambassador helps aespa level the playfield for the members. (Image: Pinterest) 
NingNing made a rare solo appearance in VoguePlus China. (Image: VoguePlus China)
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