“Under the Queen’s Umbrella” writer explains the controversy over Sinicism… “Please refrain from malicious slander towards my family”

An epilogue interview of Park Ba Ra, writer of tvN’s Sat-Sun drama “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”, was released.

On Dec 9th, through the production team of “Under the Queen’s Umbrella“, writer Park Ba Ra shared various stories she wanted to convey to fans of the drama.

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When asked “There were also issues regarding historical inaccuracies and controversy over Sinicism (something characteristic of or peculiar to the Chinese). In particular, in the case of fusion historical dramas based on writers’ imagination, the issue of freedom of creation and thorough historical research is strictly followed. How did you view the controversy as writer of ‘Under the Queen’s Umbrella’?“, writer Park Ba Ra answered as follows.

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While writing ‘Under the Queen’s Umbrella’, I looked at numerous papers, annals and books to write a line of dialogue. Various unique traditions were introduced ‘Under the Queen’s Umbrella’. I came up with the title ‘Syurup’ (Under the Queen’s Umbrella) in pure Korean. In addition, ‘Under the Queen’s Umbrella’ featured beautiful hanbok and binyeo (Korean traditional ornamental hairpin), countless traditional and incomparable beautiful landscapes as well as unique Korean foods (including kimchi). I think there were various reasons for sending favorable reviews to ‘Under the Queen’s Umbrella’ from abroad.

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Most modern people spend a lot of time on foreign language education. As ‘Under the Queen’s Umbrella’ was also based on education, foreign languages were indispensable. In order to minimize the inconvenience of viewing, several settings were excluded and modified, but there was a mistake in which the caption ‘Mul Gwi Won Ju’ remained, and we corrected it immediately after the broadcast. Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Criticism and standards are also an extension of interest, and we plan to agonize more fiercely with gratitude. However, please refrain from malicious slander and spreading groundless false information towards not only me but also my family. In addition, fusion historical dramas require free imagination to plan and produce. Imagination may shrink if an overly strict criterion for historical research is applied to contents that are in the category of imagination. I’ll continue to work hard for an environment where many writers can challenge fusion historical dramas and actively produce them.

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Source: Daum

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