Cao Lu, who has been inactive in Korea for years, delivers good news to fans through SNS

Former Fiestar member Cao Lu, who has rarely delivered updates since 2019, is expected to resume activities.

On December 8th, Cao Lu, who used to be active as a member of the girl group Fiestar, made a new post on her personal Instagram account. She posted a photo along with the caption “My visa is finally here”.

The released picture contains a “Visa Grant Notice” with Cao Lu’s information. 

cao lu

Cao Lu said, “I miss my friends and my members so much. See you soon”, drawing keen attention by announcing the news of her trip to Korea.

Cao Lu is Chinese and she worked in Korea after making her debut with Fiestar in 2012. She gained popularity after showing off her witty talks on various entertainment programs, such as “Let’s Go! Dream Team 2”, “Her Secret Weapon”, “Radio Star”, “My Little Television”, “People Full of Capacity”, “Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant”, “Video Star”, etc.

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She once appeared on MBC’s show “Real Men Season 2” and became a hot topic after every episode by giving viewers big laughs with her unique personality and random actions.

When Fiestar’s contract with their agency expired in 2018, Cao Lu decided to stand alone. After finishing JTBC’s “From Today, Patissier”, which aired at the end of 2019, she no longer appeared on TV. Cao Lu did not reveal any reason for her activity suspension, and also stopped updating her SNS for about two years since March 2019.

cao lu

In March this year, Cao Lu delivered her whereabouts to fans on SNS by posting a photo with the caption “I miss you all”. From the location tag of her post, fans found out that she was staying in Beijing, China. Cao Lu’s post was filled with comments from colleagues who also missed her, including Chef Lee Yeon Bok, broadcaster Sayuri, comedian Shim Jin Hwa and rapper Giant Pink.

9 months later, the news of Cao Lu’s possible activity resumption was reported, and her colleagues continued to show enthusiastic support. Sayuri exclaimed, “Great. I miss you so much”. Gian Pink commented “8282 (Hurry up), I miss you” as she couldn’t hide her excitement. Model-turned-broadcaster Song Hae Na also expressed her longing for Cao Lu with the comment “Miss you”.

syuri cao lu

In response to Cao Lu’s update, fans reacted, “Congratulations. I’m looking forward to your activities”, “Please return on variety shows”, “I’ve been waiting for you”, “Please come back healthily”, “Nice to see you again. I missed you”, “How have you been? Finally!!!”, “You finally return. I missed you so much”, etc. 

Source: wikitree

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