Unable to recognize Reply 1988’s “comedian” after 7 years: His appearance changes -> Romantic relationship with “Squid Game superstar”

Reply 1988’s “comedian” has a more secretive life than the rest of the main actors.

In Reply 1988, Lee Dong Hwi was far less popular than the rest of the main characters. In the drama, he played Ryu Dong Ryong, the son of the homeroom teacher, who grew up in a well-off family but always felt lonely in his own house because his parents were too busy. Compared to neighborhood friends, Dong Ryong’s family was rarely mentioned and this character had no love story. However, Dong Ryong was still loved by viewers since he was never absent from friends’ fun events and always served as a counselor to the rest of the group.

Taking on the role of Dong Ryong, Lee Dong Hwi was dubbed Reply 1988’s “comedian” because of his wit, charm and face that can make viewers burst into laughter without doing anything. At the time of playing this role, Dong Hwi had only been acting for 2 years and did not have many opportunities to express himself. Reply 1988 helped his life turn to a new page, becoming a name loved by many viewers.


After Reply 1988, Lee Dong Hwi has been regularly appearing in new projects, but he does not seem to be very interested in dramas. Most of the works he participated in are shown on the big screen, on average he appears in about 3 movies every year. The focus on filming movies makes Lee Dong Hwi much less famous than other Reply 1988 actors, but his acting is highly appreciated by the audience and professionals.

Regarding his personal life, Lee Dong Hwi is 37 years old now. Lee Dong Hwi, who does not pursue the image of a male god, often appears with a dusty appearance by growing beard and long hair. Looking at Dong Hwi’s current appearance, viewers no longer recognize Reply 1988’s “comedian”.

In addition to movies, Lee Dong Hwi also attracts attention for his simple love story with “Squid Game superstar” Jung Ho Yeon. The two started dating in 2015, but it was not until 2021 that this love story received a lot of attention when Jung Ho Yeon suddenly became a global phenomenon thanks to the series Squid Game.

Source: K14

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