Uhm Jung Hwa, happy with the success of “Doctor Cha”…”I think I’m going to stay happy for the next 10 years”

Actress Uhm Jung Hwa expressed her feelings full of happiness thanks to the success of the drama “Doctor Cha”.

On May 17th, a video titled “Uhm Jung Hwa‘s pick! Wine list” was uploaded on Uhm Jung Hwa’s YouTube channel.


Uhm Jung Hwa, who is well-known as a wine enthusiast, introduced her favorite wines and added a taste evaluation.

Then, when it came to the champagne that Madonna also likes, she said, “You know this, right? You feel like you have to like whatever your role model likes! You can open a bottle of Champagne for lots of different reasons to celebrate. I think the bubbles from the Champagne make people feel happy.


She smilingly added, “For me, I’m going to open a bottle because the drama I’m in, ‘Doctor Cha’, has been doing so well!

As she said, “Doctor Cha” is enjoying such a hot popularity that it recorded the 4th-highest ratings in JTBC history.

Regarding this, Uhm Jung Hwa confessed, “Every day has felt like such a precious gift to me lately. I start every day by saying, ‘Ah, thank you so much for everything!’ It makes me so happy to read such love and support in the comments for the drama and myself. I’m so thankful for you all! I think I’m going to stay happy for the next ten years!! I hope good things come to you in your life! I also hope you all have something to celebrate.

Source: Daum

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