Tzuyu, Mina, and Sana are TWICE’s visual trio but K-netizens say Jeongyeon is the prettiest member, and here’s why

According to Korean netizens, in real life, Jeongyeon is the most beautiful TWICE member.

TWICE often receives much praise thanks to the all-visual lineup. The most mentioned members when it comes to TWICE’s radiant appearance are Tzuyu, Mina, Sana and Nayeon. Recently, a topic that discusses Jeongyeon‘s visuals has attracted much attention on Pann Nate. Netizens believe that although Jeongyeon is not considered to be a part of TWICE’s visual line, she is actually the prettiest member of the group.

Jeongyeon’s beauty is appreciated because of her real-life visuals. In a close-up shot during TWICE’s appearance at the airport on December 5, 2019, Jeongyeon wows netizens with her actress-like aura. From her small oval face, high nose bridge to her eyes, Jeongyeon exudes elegance and an alluring aura. 

Jeongyeon is the prettiest TWICE member
Jeongyeon’s old photo is going viral 

Jeongyeon has a natural beauty and an outstanding height. When she first debuted, Jeongyeon was nicknamed “Sailor Uranus” thanks to her charming tomboy look with an iconic bob haircut. In later eras, the female idol has tried out different styles and with her visuals, Jeongyeon pulls off any concept.

Jeongyeon is the prettiest TWICE member
Jeongyeon is praised as the prettiest TWICE member 
Jeongyeon is the prettiest TWICE member
She reminds netizens of an actress thanks to her mature and attractive aura

After taking a break from activities to treat and recover from her health problems, Jeongyeon gained weight due to the side-effects of medication. However, most fans think that Jeongyeon still looks pretty. Meanwhile, some netizens express their regret that Jeongyeon’s visual was no longer at her peak. During TWICE’s promotions of More & More until the latest title track SCIENTIST, Jeongyeon cannot be as energetic on stage as before due to her health. 

Jeongyeon is the prettiest TWICE member
Jeongyeon’s shining visuals during her peak
Jeongyeon is the prettiest TWICE member
Her beauty is considered to be at the top among TWICE members
Jeongyeon is the prettiest TWICE member
Jeongyeon’s body is also attractive 
Jeongyeon is the prettiest TWICE member
During her break in September, Jeongyeon put on some weight
Jeongyeon is the prettiest TWICE member
During SCIENTIST promotions, Jeongyeon hasn’t gotten skinny again yet. However, her face looks as pretty as before 

Some comments from netizens:

  • She’s still pretty after her weight gain
  • Honestly, the visual members of TWICE are Nayeon, Sana, Mina and Tzuyu, but in real life, Jeongyeon is the prettiest.
  • Ever since Jeongyeon debuted, I thought she was the prettiest among all female idols because of her looks, body proportions, and charisma.
  • I’ve seen Jeongyeon in real life and she is really pretty. I was very surprised then.
  • Jeongyeon is the member that looks the most like an actress in TWICE.
  • I met TWICE when they were filming Saturday Night Live Korea. Jeongyeon was the prettiest. She looked a hundred times better in real life than in photos.

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