TWICE Chaeyoung Was Criticized for Wearing A Controversial Political-related Shirt

On TWICE’s latest stage, Chaeyoung’s outfit is the topic of discussion among the public.

Recently, TWICE appeared on MBC Music Core to promote their single “Set Me Free” and received a lot of attention from the public. This time, the focus was on Chaeyoung and her controversial shirt. Netizens expressed their outrage towards the stylist for letting Chaeyoung wear a croptop with a pattern related to a political issue.

During the show and in pictures posted on Tzuyu’s personal Instagram, Chaeyoung was observed wearing a cropped shirt. Fans immediately noticed that the shirt seemed to be a modified version of a QAnon t-shirt.

The QAnon symbol features a Q-shaped cutout of the American flag, and their slogan is “Where we go one, we go all.” Both the Q symbol and the latter half of the slogan are visible on Chaeyoung’s shirt.

QAnon is widely recognized for their support of Donald Trump, and their most infamous conspiracy theory is that the former US president was at odds with a worldwide group of Satanic, cannibalistic child sex traffickers. They became closely linked to the “Pizzagate” conspiracy, which alleged that Democratic politicians were sexually abusing children at a pizza restaurant in Washington DC. The restaurant was later targeted by a gunman who believed in the conspiracy.

In 2020, QAnon supporters made various efforts to discredit and overturn the US presidential election results after Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden.

Members of QAnon were involved in a confrontation with the police during the incident at the Capitol. QAnon has also been implicated in many serious issues in recent years, such as accusations of anti-Semitism, racism and anti-LGBTQ+ prejudice.


The fact that TWICE’s stylist dressed Chaeyoung in a QAnon-related shirt can be truly dangerous for the idol. Netizens expressed outrage over the incident, especially since TWICE’s MV “Ready to Be” is currently being widely promoted in the US.

Source: K14, Twitter

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