38-year-old actress Jung Eun Chae reveals her healthy morning routine, “I’m losing my morning sleep so…”

Actress Jung Eun Chae talked about her diligent morning routine.

On March 16th, a video titled “‘It’s going to be very popular’ Jung Eun Chae’s 10 Favorites” was uploaded to the Youtube channel of Marie Claire magazine. It shows Jung Eun Chae answering simple keyword questions.

Jeong Eun-chae

When asked about morning exercise, she smiled awkwardly and said, “I wasn’t someone who led a routined lifestyle, but recently, I’ve started to lose my morning sleep…”

The actress revealed, “I’m following a routine that finishes in the morning. I do weight training and Pilates”, adding “It feels really good. I don’t know when this routine will change, but I plan to maintain it for a while.”

Jeong Eun-chae

Regarding the keyword “driving,” Jung Eun Chae said, “I often drive to the place I work out. It’s early in the morning so it’s very dark outside. But when I go out at that time, I feel like I’m starting the day early and it relieves my stress.”

As for “morning meal”, she replied, “It’s in the same context”, adding “I will get hungry if I wake up early in the morning. So I start my day by eating breakfast.”

Jeong Eun-chae

Jung Eun Chae shared, “I cook eggs in different ways to eat. On this day, I make scrambled eggs, and on the other day, I make steamed eggs. I also eat Korean food”, adding “I hope this routine continues. I think I’ve been enjoying a very healthy and fulfilling routine.”

Source: Nate

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